Customer Service


FILMtech is dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry. This exceptional service sets FILMtech above the competition.

  • As our customer, you are treated as if you are our only customer. Direct personal communication, on each order, is a hallmark of FILMtech. We know our customers like we know our family members.

  • You can expect fast response times. After each order, our customers receive expected ship dates, the same day or next day. When every order is completed and ready for shipment, you will receive an ASN (Automatic Shipping Notification).

  • As a manufacturer, FILMtech’s production planning group plays a critical role in keeping our customers satisfied.  Mapping plant workflows and communicating order schedules accurately help our customers maintain minimal inventory levels. 

  • We work closely with our customers in a consultative role to ensure the product produced fits the application.  This “fit for use” positioning removes risk and possible failure in your value chain. We are truly your partner for the long term.

  • Our goal is to build trust with our customers and make FILMtech an indispensable part of your business.