FILMtech provides various contract converting services for customer-owned film. We can slit film rolls from wide web to narrow web widths, metallize film up to 130”, use different metallizing parameters and in-chamber treatments to alter the surface of a substrate. We can provide quality control documentation; FDA approval or UL certifications, where needed to support your products.

We provide toll production reports, scrap reports in lineal and area calculations and work within an agreed upon specification to deliver product that meets the most demanding standards. FILMtech can handle all your requirements.

Toll Converting Capabilities

  • Slitting: 1/2-inch to 132-inch, shear or razor in air

  • Rewinding: 1/2-inch to 130-inch

  • Metallizing: 50-inch to 130-inch (145” upon special request)

  • Roll Tracking: 

  1. From incoming raw material to outgoing finished product 
  2. Retained sample system
  3. Customized label options