CeramAlox® - Aluminum Oxide Coated PET

– The CLEAR Solution –

CeramAlOx®, an innovative line of clear, barrier aluminum oxide coated film, provides a crystal clear high performance barrier and can be printed and laminated using standard equipment. It is not adversely affected by moisture. The technology utilizes evaporative resistance machinery and is a cost-effective alternative to traditional EVOH films with expected savings up to 15%.

CeramAlOx® features good OTR and MVTR barrier, window- like clarity and exceptional adhesion properties. 

CeramAlOx®, developed by Ultimet Films Ltd. of the United Kingdom, is licensed exclusively in North America by FILMtech Inc.

CeramAlOx® Features:

  • Good Barrier to O2 and H2O
  • Window-like Clarity
  • Easy to Print Surface
  • Exceptional Adhesion Properties


Food Packaging

  • Granola, nuts, croutons, snack foods  
  • Moist Foods - shredded cheese, beef jerky, cereal bars
  • Lidding for MAP or CAP packaging

CeramAlOx® Applications include:

  • Pouches
  • Facestock  
  • Lidding


The clear solution