FILMtech's environmental commitment

Environmental Commitment
At FILMtech, we work closely with our suppliers and customers to limit waste. Each year we succeed at preventing more than 500 tons of film, pallets, aluminum and paperboard from entering landfills. FILMtech Inc. recognizes value in collaboration along the value chain to achieve your desired goal. [read more]

FILMtech's flexible packaging and sustainability

Contributing to Sustainability
Society today is becoming more astute to the impact our daily lives have on the planet. As a responsible member of the Flexible Packaging value chain, FILMtech believes applications should take into consideration “best use of resources” available today, while striving for continuous improvement and innovation. [read more]

FILMtech's research and development

Research and Development

FILMtech’s state-of-the-art research and development laboratory assures your metallized products are ALWAYS of the highest quality and consistency. We design, produce and test new and existing metallized film and substrates for a wide variety of industries. We can also design and formulate new coating systems [read more]

FILMtech's services


FILMtech provides various contract converting services for customer-owned film. We can slit film rolls from wide web to narrow web widths, metallize film up to 130”, use different metallizing parameters and plasma treat film. We can customize capabilities, provide quality control within one machine with closed loop monitoring and warehouse your film. [read more]

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