SUNUP™ Reflective Films

SUNUP™ Reflective Films are one-side metallized, multilayer films for orchard or mulch use. The films feature an optimized core composition, for excellent resilience, and a high-gloss skin layer for light reflectivity.

SUNUP™ Films Feature

  • Multi-layer composition designed for maximum reflectivity (>90%) and puncture resistance
  • Easy application using the SUNUP™ Master Roll machine lowers labor costs
  • Lightweight – 12 lbs. (80” wide) of SUNUP™ reflective film covers 1 surface acre
  • High UV and IR reflectivity deters pests and increases plant yields
  • Widths up to 125” available

Barrier Mulch Film = Greater Yields, Greater Profits

  • Provide a superior gas barrier
  • Reduce fumigant consumption per acre
  • Assist in controlling flying pests
  • Ensure a full season of use
  • Control weed growth
  • Available with protective coating over the aluminum

Maximize Your Field’s Potential

before and after SUNUP