Environment & Sustainability



At FILMtech, we work closely with our suppliers and customers to limit waste. Each year we prevent more than 800 tons of film, pallets, aluminum and paperboard from entering landfills.

FILMtech Inc. recognizes value in collaboration along the value chain to achieve your desired goal. We offer ”barrier film solutions” that are ASTM D6400 certified compostable, as well as films that address source reduction. Science-based accuracy and in-depth understanding of appropriate environmental claims is paramount. As the business climate becomes more competitive, reducing waste, reusing materials and recycling becomes increasingly vital. Not only is it good for business, it’s good for the planet. It’s FILMtech's way of doing business.



Society today is becoming more astute to the impact our daily lives have on the planet. As a responsible member of the Flexible Packaging value chain, FILMtech believes applications should take into consideration “best use of resources” available today, while striving for continuous improvement and innovation.

Our “barrier film solutions” become a functional, integral part of packaging; effectively extending the shelf life of products that otherwise would spoil or degrade quickly. 

At FILMtech, we take a consultative approach with our clients to match their specific requirements with the most appropriate “barrier film solution”. If sustainability is your goal, bring us along on your journey.