CeramAlOx®  – Aluminum Oxide Coated PET

The CLEAR Solution

CeramAlOx®, an innovative line of clear, barrier aluminum oxide coated film, provides a crystal clear high performance barrier and can be printed and laminated using standard equipment. It is not adversely affected by moisture. The technology utilizes evaporative resistance machinery and is a cost-effective alternative to traditional EVOH films with expected savings up to 15%.

CeramAlOx® features good OTR and MVTR barrier, window- like clarity and exceptional adhesion properties.

CeramAlOx®, developed by Ultimet Films Ltd. of the United Kingdom, is licensed exclusively in North America by FILMtech Inc.


  • Food Packaging
    • Granola, nuts, croutons, snack foods
    • Moist Foods – shredded cheese, beef jerky, cereal bars
    • Lidding for MAP or CAP packaging


CeramAlOx® Features

  • Good Barrier to O2 and H2O
  • Window-like Clarity
  • Easy to Print Surface
  • Exceptional Adhesion Properties


CeramAlOx® Applications include:

  • Pouches
  • Facestock
  • Lidding

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Ultimet Films Limited, located in United Kingdom, is a producer of metallized and specialty coating barrier films. Ultimet Films Ltd. produces products adhering to stringent operating process conditions. Ultimet’s state of the art testing facilities assure only high quality products are shipped for their demanding applications. FILMtech Inc. is the exclusive North American partner/distributor of CeramAlOx®, an Aluminum Oxide barrier film coating developed and marketed by Ultimet Films Ltd.